Prison Ragnarok

In a world centuries after the fall of our species due to the outbreak of the lazarus strain, zombies roam the land searching for the fraction of humanity who evolved past the infection and harnessed its changes into abilities to defend themselves. The remaining humans gained control over the ten elements, Fire, Earth, Lightning, Wood, Water, Wind, Metal, Blood, Light, and Shadow. During this horrific time, an abandoned prison has become home to refugees fighting for their lives. Welcome, to Ragnarok.
Apply Elements (About) Roles Rules Plot


1. No one will ever harm another member of the family.

     a. Disputes will be settled with the Human Resources Chair and shall never be solved with violence upon punishment of banishment.

     b. If an issue of harm becomes apparent, such as involuntary harm to another, it will be submitted to the council for judgement.

2. Council Members are the highest authority of Ragnarok, and their word is law.

     a. When a member of the community questions a Council Member’s judgement, they may submit a report to the Human Resources Chair to be reviewed by the other council members. If found unreasonable, the Chair will be reprimanded.

     b. No council member can overrule another’s word.

3. Council Members must choose a Deputy for their position.

     a. If the Member should perish, the Deputy will preside over their role until a new chair is chosen.

4. No one is allowed outside of the Prison after dark without permission from the Foreign Chair.

     a. When leaving the building, any non-council member/deputy must have two escorts that are either council members, deputies, or a combination of both.

     b. When leaving the building, any council member or deputy must have a partner that is also either a council member or deputy.